Sunday, August 28, 2005 we are.

This is my new blog. The dreary "members-only" netherworld of myspace will no longer keep me from my readers! (Ahh, the delicious flattery of delusion!) I don't know about pictures or private information yet... Here you get my writing, such as it is, and my thoughts, such as they are. With that in mind read, reflect, rant. The purpose of this 'place' is conversation!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Troy,

Looks like you got a mess of spammers responding to your blogs... how annoying.

Glad you've entered the work of blogging, much more accessible to those of us who don't have MySpace accounts. Thanks!

Also, you need to update my e-mail addy, buddy. I'll e- it to you later. Hope you're doing well!

Tiffany B.

6:53 PM  

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